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More important than the introduction of equipment is to make good use of it continuously.
Veltz 3d that knows 3D printing well, will be your strong partner.

Veltz 3D printer

We leap forward vigorously toward a new era.

In 2012, we established a new 3D solution division as a new growth engine to launch 3D solution brand Veltz 3D. Starting with the localization of the enterprise 3D printer replacing the expensive foreign equipment, we have developed the first software for the t localization of the photo-curable resin starting and took No 1 in the shortest time sales in the jewelry field.

Korea 3D printing industry development
VELTZ3D is leading the industry

Now designated as the company hosting 3D printer equipment material development project, which is the governmental task in dental field, we take charge of the development of materials and equipment of the world's highest commercialization level. In addition, we provide a variety of 3D solutions through partnerships and collaboration with companies with innovative technologies.

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