We guide technological power and experience over 30 years.



We are a renewal energy specialist which provides one stop solution covering the construction of solar inverter, solar power plant,
the manufacturing, construction and follow-up management of independent type power system product.

Solar inverter


Korea’s NO 1 solar inverter

Our Veltz energy solution provides the optimized power conversion and excellent stability even when the amount of sunshine is small.

  • High performance DSP applied

  • Self-diagnosis

  • LCD monitor applied

  • Wide power range

  • Real time monitoring

  • Low noise

Solar inverter, Veltz energy developed to have the optimized conversion efficiency!

We developed the simulation model for the maximized power conversion efficiency and the optimized operation of power conversion efficiency which can have the optimized conversion efficiency through the analysis of individual parts and whole system.

Passed Korea renewable energy equipment certification!
Verified technology, industry’s best power conversion efficiency

We became Veltz energy leading the renewable energy field by minimizing the consumed power and maximizing the conversion efficiency of solar energy.

In-house affiliated research center operated
Customized management for ISO 9001 design requirements of all the products

We have corresponded changing customer needs quickly and perfectly as well as developed all the products ourselves by operating in-house affiliate research center. All the products are designed, mass produced and quality controlled according to ISO 9001 design requirement. We will be a company that continues the investment for endless quality improvement and new technology development internally, breathes with customer for customer satisfaction and pursuit of customer happiness.