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Movable air conditioner

The problem of humidity is solved!

Domestic biggest dehumidification capacity, auto drain pump embedded and low noise realized! We are equipped with high technology and mobility which can solve problems such as corrosion • Corruption • Condensation • Odor and bacteria due to humidity.

  • Korea’s biggest
    Strong dehumidification

  • Automatic humidity
    Adjustment function

  • digital

  • Durable
    Moving wheel

  • Large capacity
    Automatic drain pump

  • Automatic frost
    Removal device

Movable air conditioner 대용량 제습기
  • 01

    Strong dehumidification and low noise

    Boast of domestic biggest dehumidification amount (140L/day, 30℃ 80%), It is suitable to the quiet place when using quiet operation mode.

  • 02

    Auto frost removal

    If the cooling pin temperature continues below a certain temperature,
    Quickly and effectively eliminate frost.

  • 03

    Convenient and durable moving device used

    It realizes anti-corrosion and high durability is realized by using 3- inch urethan wheel.
    Convenient self-fixing device attached.

  • 04

    Large capacity auto drain pump

    Unlike the product of other company requiring the separate installation,
    Auto drain pump of height 6 m power is mounted.

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