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Movable air conditioner

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We take No 1 in domestic market share of industrial air conditioner and Our products demonstrate the excellent quality and outstanding functions in factories and outdoor sites around the world.
In hot summer! Hot and humid working environment! We AIRREX solve all of them.

  • Comfortable air-conditioning
    Low noise realized

  • Digital temperature
    Automatic temperature adjustment function

  • High strength
    Moving wheel

  • Air conditioning cost saving
    Various air volume

  • Exhaust fan speed
    Automatic adjustment

  • Patented
    Made in KOREA

Movable air conditioner
  • 01

    Anytime anywhere OK!

    It is possible to install even in a place where the ambient temperature is high, or the outdoor unit can’t be installed.

  • 02

    Water cooling type air condition

    The worse environment, the more suitable because it keeps the temperature constant at any time.

  • 03

    Partial/intensive cooling in the right place

    Flexible discharge duct ensures the partial and intensive cooling in the desire places.

  • 04

    Calories meter introduced

    We elevate the efficiency and quality of air conditioner by introducing the calorie meter, a device that measures calorie.

List of movable air conditioner