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2018.03Launched new refrigerant lineup products for movable air conditioner 2018.02Developed water-cooled air conditioner for 1 person (HWC-1470) 2017.04Acquired CE, TUV, CEC certification for solar inverters 2017.03Designated as a global small but strong enterprise (Small and Medium Business Administration) 2016.11Designated as 2016 small solar power supplier by Incheon Metropolitan City 2016.10Acquired ISO14001 certification 2015.10Designated as Incheon local company
2013.06WEG3D brand launched 2012.12Acquired Green Biz Company (Class A) certification 2012.05Extension of Hepsiba building
2011.01Participated in the renewable energy exhibition in UAE Abu Dhabi 2011.02Participated in the World Solar Energy Expo (KINTEX) 2011.03Participated in the Hannover Industry Fair in Germany 2011.04Participated in Green Energy Exhibition (Daegu EXCO) 2011.05Participated in Wind Power Exhibition in Enerheim, USA
2010.02Participated in the World Solar Energy Expo (KINTEX) 2010.02Kyrgyzstan wind power generator supply MOU 2010.04Expansion and relocation of Hepsiba building 2010.04Participated in Green Energy Exhibition (Daegu EXCO) 2010.04Wind Power Generation Research Center opened (Gunsan) 2010.06Re-registration of venture business (Small and Medium Business Administration) 2010.07Designated as a promising small and medium enterprise (Incheon Metropolitan City)
2009.04Exhibited wind power generator at Hanover Industrial Expo, Germany 2009.05Attracted 2 billion from KB Venture Investment & Korea Exchange Bank (renewable energy wind power generation field) 2009.06Developed high efficiency lifting type vertical axis wind turbine which is the core technology development project by Ministry of Knowledge Economy 2009.08Certified company for direct production confirmation by the Small and Medium Business Administration (streetlight mechanism, control circuit) 2009.09Registered as a new renewable energy company (solar / wind power) 2009.10Registered Public Procurement Service (Solar / Hybrid Streetlight)
2004Quality Management Practice Citation (Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City) 2004Designated as INNO-BIZ (Class A, Small and Medium Business Administration) 1999Designated as a leading company (Incheon city) 1999ISO9001 certification (Germany TUV PRODUCT SERVICE) 1998Received Sincere Taxpayer prize from Minister of Finance and Economy Award 1998Registered as a Venture Business (Small and Medium Business Administration) 1998Labor-Management Cooperation Certificate of Excellent Enterprise (Ministry of Labor)
1996Awarded 10 Million dollars Export Tower 1995Awarded 5 million dollars export tower 1994Awarded 1 million dollars export tower 1993Approved the establishment of the technology research institute (Ministry of Science and Technology) 1986Established Hebsiba Industry Co., Ltd.