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About company

About compan
  • Started the export of electronic controller in 1986 No 1 Global brand in domestic market share

      Hepsiba founded in 1986, started with the export of electronic controller, Developed the industrial cooling and heating machine and made ‘AIRREX’ a global brand which boasts of No 1 in domestic market share, No 3 in global market.
  • Business diversification in 2009 Started new renewable energy business

      Succeeded in the commercialization of new renewable energy products by successfully implementing the core technology development task by Ministry of knowledge Economy as a business diversification since 2009. Now, we are opening the future of clean energy by solar inverter, solar power generation and the design and construction of power plant system.
  • 3D solution brand in 2012 Veltz3D launched

      Established 3D solution business division for the sustainable growth in 2012, launched Veltz3D, 3D solution brand. Veltz3D has continued its growth as a creative partner that can increase the competitiveness of customer according to the global industry trend in which the fusion is important through expansion of contents business.